Recommendations for Pacing to Prevent Tachycardia

Class I
(1) Permanent pacing is indicated for sustained pause-dependent VT, with or without QT prolongation.

Class IIa
(1) Permanent pacing is reasonable for high-risk patients with congenital long-QT syndrome.

Class IIb 
(1) Permanent pacing may be considered for prevention of symptomatic, drug-refractory, recurrent atrial fibrillation in patients with coexisting SND.

Class III
(1) Permanent pacing is not indicated for frequent or complex ventricular ectopic activity without sustained VT in the absence of the long-QT syndrome.

(2) Permanent
pacing is not indicated for torsade de pointes VT due to reversible causes.

JACC. 2008; 51; 2085-2105.